Callas about us

ABOUT US is dedicated to the Rainbow Beauty Company brand, which is comprised of beauty products such as makeup, body care, hair care, and skincare solutions. We offer Callas brand, as well as Dear Derm, SOC(Sense Of Care) and Lus Brand.


Callas was introduced in 2003 by Rainbow Beauty Company.  The CALLAS name is inspired by “Kallos” the Greek word for “beauty.”  “The Beauty we are talking about, as Kallos, is not mainly what may first come to mind, that is the beauty of the human body with its erotic component. It is certainly also that, and eminently that, but not at all only that. Kallos Beauty is the Greek philosophy concept of Inspiring Harmony inciting the acquisition of more soul beauty, more body beauty, and the creation of more beauty in all aspects of life on the part of a person observing and enjoying existing harmony and beauty.” (From


Beauty is more than a pretty face and a beautiful body. It is one’s soul. CALLAS products personify the beauty inside to show your character. CALLAS redefines beauty in color cosmetics and beauty supplies.


Callas has been registered and is a registering trademark as a cosmetic brand in more than 35 different countries. Some countries have registered as Maria Callas because of conflict of existing similar words. But the logo design will remain the same as the existing Callas logo.




DearDerm means “Precious Skin” and it was birthed through many thoughts and research of professionals associated with this industry who knew that the skin is a very valuable part of the human body.


The questions such as, “How can we take good care of this precious skin so that we can maintain a healthy and beautiful skin?” and “Is there a way anybody can easily take care of their skin without investing a lot of time and money on expensive products?” are the focus in drafting and developing these products.


DearDerm is the basic skincare product brand for Rainbow Beauty Company which has it's headquarter in the United States.

S.O.C. is an acronym for Sense of Care. It is difficult to find single word translations for the words “sense” and “care” that expresses the exact English meanings for the words.


There is an ancient Korean saying that goes “Yishimjeonshim”. In English there is a similar saying that goes “Great minds think alike”. Both of these sayings are used when a thought is communicated through the heart without any verbal or written communication. This can be seen in close relationships like that of a mother and child, a couple, and best friends when the people know each well enough to understand each other and have a “sense” of the other’s needs without having to say much.


Care is defined as nurture, to bring up, or to be thoughtful. There is a Korean saying which is dear to many that goes “Mother’s hand is a cure-all”. This saying reminds us of a mother’s warm heart and her love for her children. As a child, there was always that magical effect of making you feel all better when your mother rubbed your aching stomach and said “Mother’s hand is a cure-all”. When we think of the word care, the first image that usually comes up is a mother caring for her child. In America, the word care is used not only to express the nourishing or protecting of specific areas such as body care, hair care, foot care, and hand care but it is also attached to other words to create more words such as healthcare, daycare, and skincare.


LUS has established professional R&D capability and advanced production technology for the total cosmetic brand products through ODM and OEM systems. LUS products are composed of not only skin care products but also color cosmetics which are developed by customer's good reputation and optimized ingredients and high quality control system. The LUS brand is committed to providing innovative products by continuous R&D to make your skin more beautiful and lovely...