Dearderm Bio Cellulose Gel Mask Retinol 10pcs x 1.01fl.oz/30ml

Dearderm Bio Cellulose Gel Mask Retinol 10pcs x 1.01fl.oz/30ml
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It is a Bio Cellulose Mask developed by microbial fermentation science. Bio Cellulose technology was originally used by doctors to heal burns and wounds.
Microbial Cellulose is inoculated with a strain in fruit juice which is a natural material made by cultivation and fermentation.
It contains an organic compound which is the most abundant in the natural world. It is also called Fibrin, which accounts for more than 30% of all plant material.
It is a new material that can be applied to food, medicine, cosmetics, paper, industrial products and textile. The Bio Cellulose Mask also efficiently removes your excess sebum.
Vegan/Natural/ Gluten-Free/Cruelty-free

Retinol (aka Vitamin A) is one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients for softening the appearance of wrinkles, refining skin texture, and improving uneven skin tone. It is a powerhouse ingredient for advanced concerns—including sun damage, dull skin, loss of firmness
wrinkles, and enlarged pores— retinol products backed by decades of research.

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