Dearderm Aloe SANI Wipes 30 counts x 2pcs

Dearderm Aloe SANI Wipes 30 counts x 2pcs
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Aloe Moisture and Clean in One Easy Step.! Skin-friendly!
Alcohol Based Formula (70%)
Our Wipes are based on alcohol formula and are clinically proven to rid your hands or other surface of unwanted bacteria and germs accumulated throughout the day.
Carry it everywhere for simple cleansing on-the go. It is small enough to fit in any pocket or bag.

30 Count, 6” x 7 ½” Non-Woven Fabric.

How to Use
Remove front seal and pull out as needed. Gently stroke wipe over hand or other surface to sanitize or to remove germs and impurities. Reseal package after use to retain moisture.

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